Wednesday, February 27, 2008

RAF - Still Kicking!

It's exactly one year since I posted about RAF being no more. Well, firstly, I must say that the year has gone quickly, because I remember posting that thread like it was.... a few months ago, but no; it was a year ago.

My outlook was clearly grim, but now, my optimism has risen. Why? Well, have a look at my statistics posts. We are growing.

Here are some highlights which now negate my doomsday prediction one year ago:

1. E-Books. We have the complete Animorphs series available for viewing and downloading.

2. The Animorphs TV Show, which aired between 1998-2000 was uploaded and is also available for anyone to watch.

3. Prosperous RAF Chat, where members and none-members can chat about Animorphs each, and every Sunday.

4. Audiobook Project is still underway.

5. Secured hosting for 1 year, and domain for 2.

6. RAF Podcast began only days ago.

7. Author, K.A. Applegate joined & participated in our forum.

8. Rapid increase in members. Now averaging 7 per day.

9. Since Feb 27 07 to today, February 27, 2008, we've had 617,954 visits, versus the year before, where there were 311,246 hits.

10. The graph below shows RAF's activity from the previous post to today.

We aren't going anywhere just yet. So sit tight, and enjoy RAF: The Animorphs Forum.

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