Saturday, July 30, 2011

Thanks to Fluttershy (AmberKatira) for her donation!

Just when I was about to make my monthly plea for donations, AmberKatira has decided that it's time to help fill that RAF kitty again!

On the topic of keeping us alive; that's what we were talking about, right? In any case, the last time, prior to our lovely AmberKatira's donation, that someone donated was Bear; that was over a month ago. Just putting that out there!

Thanks again Fluttershy / Amber (not sure which you prefer); for your donation, you will now be referred to as Ms. Silver Donor, Fluttershy (AmberKatira)- long but very apt. In addition, you have been awarded 20 karma points for your donation!

Friday, July 22, 2011

RAF has a new #1 Poster!

Congratulations to Steph (who currently goes by the name "One Steph Ahead") on dethroning Russell ("Apple Jack") as the top poster on Richard's Animorphs Forum. No small feat, since Russell was our top poster with over 10,000 posts prior to Steph registering on RAF.

Considering that Steph has made in actuality over 56,000 posts (our Bored Board does not generally count toward the Posts number you see) there's no doubt in our minds that Steph is in fact one step ahead.

Additionally, Steph commands the most time spent online by any user, with over 181 days online.

Congratulations again Steph; amazing feat.

(congratulate her here)