Thursday, January 31, 2008

Is Tyler Still On Strike?

Since Adam / The Ellimist was made an Admistrator of RAF, a few weeks ago, a thread surfaced. It was protest time, by longtime member Tyler / Hush / Fastest RAF Poster.

He seems to be posting now, so I wonder if he's still disgruntled...

2 More Years

Hopefully I was not jumping the gun when I ordered 2 more years of the domain. The domain is the first of 2 paid domains which I currently own/rent in relation to RAF.

This main domain, as you can see from the whois record, was created on a special day (April 14), 2006, two years ago. It was set to expire this year, but I thought hey, what the heck? I think we'll still be talking about Animorphs for two more years.

I am also contemplating upgrading our host for that domain (which paves the way for moving from Conforums, if needs be). Hosting expires in 30 days (not to be confused with Conforums' hosting of the actual forum, and the forum only), so we'll see.

The other domain, was purchased late last year after I changed the name of the forum to RAF: The Animorphs Forum, is currently active, and will be extended in time.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

1300 Members

15 days after we saw 1200 members register on RAF, 100 more registered 15 days later. Our 1300th member (after I removed a number of invalid member accounts) is Sam, registered yesterday, January 29 at 20:01:52 EST.

As posting time, Sam has not posted, so we'll like to welcome him to The Animorphs Forum.

Friday, January 25, 2008

My Animorphs Collection

As promised, here's my Animorphs Collection video.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

"Keep Your Fingers Crossed" for Animorphs Movie

There is a reasonably serious move under way to do a big budget Animorphs movie. By that we mean that a producer has contacted us and let us know that he would be pitching the idea to the studios -- as soon as the WGA strike is over. The producers are serious guys. The studios they are going after are people who could actually pull it off. But right now it's still probably a 20 to 1 shot. Keep your fingers crossed. I'll say this: the producer is a serious Anifan.

-K.A. Applegate, Yesterday January 19 at 11:37pm

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Author of Animorphs Answers Questions

Since K. A. Applegate registered on RAF a few days ago, Adam decided to create a thread in our Animorphs Discussion board which directly asks Ms. Applegate questions. To my surprise, the author of Animorphs decided she'll spend some time with us and answer quite a number of questions.

Ever wondered where the names of the Animorphs came from?

As far as either of us can recall it was the usual process of going through a baby name book and going, "how about Dirk . . . how about Jason . . . Okay, let's try something in the M's . . ."

How about our E-Book Project?

We're not sure how to feel about that. We've never had a problem with fanfic like some writers do. Rather the contrary. It's flattering and fun and good practice for aspiring writers.

But there is of course a legal problem with distributing copyrighted materials in this way. We obviously aren't going to be suing or threatening or any of that. In fact, we think on balance it's probably a good thing.

But you should understand that Scholastic also has rights here, and they may take a more aggressive position. And you need to understand that we can't "tell" Scholastic to let it go: they have their own ownership rights, and they've invested a lot of money in Animorphs. So we couldn't give you permission if we wanted to, we don't have the legal right to do so.

Read & post questions here!

Monday, January 14, 2008

1200 Members

It took 15 days for RAF to gain another 100 members. Our 1200th member is molecrabs,  who registered today 01/14/08 at 16:56:57 EST.

Welcome to RAF.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

K.A. Joins RAF

Our 1,196th member is the author of Animorphs, K.A. Applegate.

This comes hours after she posted on Claire's video, and it was confirmed to be her.

Well, no doubt it's an honor to have the author of the series join RAF, we hope to hear from her.

K. A. Applegate on YouTube?

Well, while strolling through a few videos, I realised that someone claiming to be K.A Applegate replied to Claire's video.
Could this be Queen Applegate for real?

The comment that was posted:

"Hi, Claire: Thanks for keeping the flame alive. K.A. Applegate"

Edit: Confirmed as K.A Applegate.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

RAF Shoutout (by Claire)

Send her a comment... click

School's Back

Well, I've been on break for over a month (thanks to exams finishing the first week of December), and it seems it's time for school to resume. Beginning Monday Jan 14, I'll be back to University life.

I can only hope it's not as semi-stressful as last semester...

Friday, January 4, 2008

RAF's Facebook Group

Adam / Mr. Ellimist has created a group for the members of RAF on popular social networking website Facebook. Feel free to join.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

RAF on YouTube

Oh yes! It's true. blackpanther / Claire has created a promotional video for Richard's Animorphs Forum / RAF / The Animorphs Forum / I Don't Know, The Name Has Been Changed Couple Times.

Check it out below.

Discuss Claire's video here.

Looking Back Stats... '07

Well, first off let me say thanks to all RAFers for their continued participation with us. You guys have made RAF the most popular, most active Animorphs forum on the internet, and I thank you.
So, me being a statistic buff, I'm going to go over every statistic I can find in relation to RAF.

Offical StatCounter stats show that this year RAF was viewed 399,379 times, by 38,300 people.

The most popular month of the year was December where RAF was viewed 89,889 times in that month.

There were 259 members registered on RAF on December 31 2006/January 1 2007. 365 or so days later there are 1,111 members. This undoubtetly due to the e-books.

December's top 5 keywords were:

1. "animorphs"
2. "animorphs ebooks"
3. "read animorphs online"
4. "animorphs ebook"
5. "animorphs books"

20,000 posts were made last year. I don't have official numbers on this, but who was the top poster of the year? Well, let's put it like this, Leigh has 10859. lol.

Not bad for a forum that's all about Animorphs...a series that has been dead for, uhm, 6 years. 7, when RAF turns 5 years old.

Happy New Year!

Hey everyone. Hopefully you all enjoyed ringing in the new year. Let's hope 2008 is more prosperous for us all.