Thursday, April 26, 2007

Our History

Since I have just created a personal website for myself, I began wondering how it would compare to the first website I ever created. Richard's Animorphs. Then I realized that Richard's Animorphs was created six years ago, when I was a wee-toddler. According to statistics which I deleted just last year (along with the entire Richard's Animorphs Main pages) "Richard's Animorphs" was hosted by Geocities, and 'designed' by hand beginning February 2001. At that time only 8 hits was recorded.

The main aim of the site was, and is still today facilitating a place for Animorphs Fans to come and get information on the dead series Animorphs (which just died when RA started).
There were quite a number of pages which included Richard's Animorphs Books (where one could located the Animorphs Books), Book Information (where there would be 'detailed' data on the books), Character's Bio (self explanatory), Quiz , and a 90s styled Guest Book.

All these pages were created, updated by me, in my spare time (most likely when I was procrastinating).

A Message Board was created (Richard's Animorphs Message Board (not so catchy huh?) which was initially hosted by Bravehost (which still aparantly exists today (, then I moved from them to some unknown service provider, then in 2003 (two years after RA started) the move to Conforums happened. And as with everything web wise, I knew nothing about the software, so design and general esthetics were not a priority.

As for Richard's Animorphs Forum's history, it was created on May 22, 2003 (not many know this as the date of its opening is generally regarded as RAF's birthday), I called on a fellow, Cameron; to assist me with moderating the forum. He was RAF's second member, behind myself.
His profile can be seen here. Unfortunately, after not even a year, he disappeared into thin air, and numerous attempts at contacting him failed. He is probably best known today as the starter of RAF's biggest thread, The Continue Game which has over 7000 posts.

RAF's first real member is Asmodeus who yes, after four years only has 173 posts. He was to my knowledge RAF's oldest member, currently at 23, and administrator of Extreme Animorphs RPG.
Initial members who stand out are Ash who registered in July  of 2003, and was RAF's top poster for quite some time. Jessica who registered in October of 2003, and intrepid (now Intrepid) who registered in August of 2003. Intrepid was promoted to RAF Staff on December of 2003, and was RAF's third staff member, and first female staff.

Other previous staff members included, as mentioned before Cam9037, skater, Druid, PotionsPunk (who moderated the now gone Harry Potter Board), Jay, and Neodan.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

RAF Statistics

RAF had its most active day yesterday, April 23, since February 4th in terms of pagevews.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

REALLY contemplating move

In our 4 years I have never moved from Conforums. But I think for the 4th birthday of RAF I will make the move to SMF, a wholly hosted board system.
Unfortunately, all posts, members, etc will be removed. On the plus side, more features, and functionality.

What do you think? Sound off below, or at RAF.

Richard's Animorphs Forum Awards 2007

After an almost two year hiatus, RAF Awards are back. Beginning the second week of May of 2007, the 2007 awards should be in full swing.

For a list of previous winners of varying categories, click here.

+Categories have not been decided on yet.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

The Invasion: Animorphs Book 1: Coming Soon

The first Animorphs e-book is in the works.
Watch this space

July Update: Go to the RAF Ebook Project page for more information.