Sunday, December 30, 2007

1100 Members

Continuing the 100 increment post tradition that I started to count down to the 1000th members of RAF, RAF has gained 100 more members in 17 days.

Our 1100th member is somewhat ironically MCCCXXXVII or 1337. He registered today at 08:28:39EST.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Digg RAF?


Enjoy our forums? How about delighted that we have both all the e-books and television show?
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Monday, December 24, 2007

Few Aesthetic Changes

We have a new "no avatar" image. Now it's simply the RAF logo.

In addition, the RAF banner has been changed from this, to this.

Happy Holidays from RAF

Happy Holidays to all our members and fans. I would personally like to wish everyone a great holiday.

Oh and you guys can now download all the Animorphs TV Show episodes (in the best quality we have) via a torrent that was seeded. All files come up to 3.80GB, and took 2 days to be seeded. But hopefully we have sharing Animorphs fans, an you won't have to wait so long for the download to complete.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

1000 Members

jeiwaru116, registered today at 15:50:40 EST is RAF's one thousandth member. This of course happened 20 days after our 900th member registered.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

All E-Books Uploaded...

Now that RAF has all the Animorphs E-Books (with 49 uploaded by me and OCR ed by nihtelek), all that is left of the E-Book Project is the editing of these books. 

I have removed the 10 post restriction on the Ebook boards, and the Other Section. So all those who are hungry for Ebooks no longer need to spam RAF to download them. All that is required is your membership.

What we do ask of you, if you have the time, is to, while reading the e-books, note any typographical errors and post in the Animorphs E-Book Project Board.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Evolution of the Banner

I decided I wanted to take a trip down memory lane, so I dug up some old (and relatively new) banner images I created throughout the life of RAF.

Here's the first banner for Richard's Animorphs Forum, used in early 2003:

The second, a more refined banner to fit the black and blue forum template:

Then I decided to move the forum in a more general direction. This phase is the Richard's Absolute Forum phase. Here's the banner that went with the new template that was a much lighter feel.

I then reverted to an Animorphs based forum, Richard's Animorphs Forum re-emerged in the latter half of 2004 with a new light blue theme. (This theme was created for another one of my projects, so I just implemented it into RAF). This is the banner, which we had for quite some time.

In the early months of 2005, RAF got its logo. It was introduced in the following dynamic banner. All banners after, then followed this theme. Logo on the right, image on the left.

Late 2005 saw the text "Richard's Animorphs Forum" removed, the banner was narrowed, Ax removed, and the RAF logo color changed to white. One such variant can be seen below:

The height of the banner than became a problem in my eyes, as it never stood out as banners should, so then the now recognizable banner was extended using the same Megamorphs 4 Animorphs image. The only difference rather than skewed as can be seen with the above two banners, the Animorphs' silhouette are displayed on the current RAF banner as they appear on the book.
It is this banner that is currently being repeatedly modified to prevent monotony.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Best Day in Years

Yesterday, December 2nd (mother's birthday), RAF experienced a massive increase in activity. Here are some highlights:

  1. 362 posts
  2. 120 Members online in 24 hours
  3. 10 new member registrations
  4. 8,587 page views on RAF (most in over 2 years)
  5. 79 page views on the 'Blog (most since blog started in Feb.)
  6. RAF Audiobook Project got some activity on Teamspeak
  7. Alternamorphs 02 uploaded (only #49 left)
  8. 13 Members online at the same time
  9. Staff members increased and updated


RAF Staff Additions

Hey RAFers, Mike, AKA Phoenix004 has been promoted to the RAF Staff after 4 years of being on RAF. He is one of a few more chosen to moderate the forum, expect more members to join the team.

In addition to Mike, Russell AKA Esplin 9466, has also been promoted to the team.

TheEllimist / Adam has been promoted to an administrator.

Welcome, and congratulations to all of the above members.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Animorphs Audiobook Project

Well, our members can't stop coming up with new brilliant ideas. This time, mrguy36, has come up with the idea to develop audiobooks for Animorphs.

For more information on joining, et al, view the Animorphs Audiobook thread.