Tuesday, February 27, 2007

RAF. No More?

Hosting and domain services are guaranteed until April 2008, but what after April 30, 2008?

By 2008, April, RAF: Animorphs Forum.com would be five years old, or in forum terms... old. RAF Started exactly three years after K.A Applegate finished the book series Animorphs, an oddity for a fan site, but since May 2003, RAF has seen over six hundred (600) registrations, and over one hundred and fifty thousand posts (150,000). But with interest beginning to wither, the question of 'how longer' begins to pop up.

That being said, there's still a definite one year left out of RAF, so enjoy the community, after all, that was the purpose of RAF: coming together to relive Animorphs.

Two Year Statistics

RAF: Animorphs Forum.com Statistics
Period: February 23, 2005 - February 23, 2007

Page Loads: 1,136,167
Unique Visitors: 75,795

'Messenger + Richard

Chat with me on Windows Live Messenger (Formerly MSN Messenger) or on Yahoo! Messenger. You can add me at richard@animorphsforum.com

I am mostly online, so any thing you wish to talk about outside of RAF, is welcome.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

RAF Uploads

Created so members can easily upload pictures, text, and compressed (zip) files on RAF. First you have to create an account, which can be done easily. RAF accounts are different from that of RAF Uploads, but once an account with RAF Uploads is created, simply click on the Upload link your personal bar to upload.

You can, after registration, modify your uploads, and get the link so that your file can be posted on RAF.

New Board!

A Suggestions board has been added to RAF for the 2nd time in our almost four year history. This board is available for members, and guests to post suggestions with regards to RAF, and also serves as a support board.

New Banner & Template Changes

I have updated the RAF banner. After almost a year of the same banner,
the update brings in a breath of fresh air.

Interesting thing about the banner is the simplicity: the 5 Animorphs to the left, and the RAF logo to the right.

In addition to the updated banner, the new and old icons on the main page that tells you when there are new posts to a board, has also been updated with the RAF logo.
Images such as post | modify | delete etc, have been reverted to the default images.


I never was the one to post a weblog, but I would like to give RAFers the advantage of having inside information with regards to the forum, and my semi-personal life.

Watch this space for information regarding RAF, and my general 
observations surrounding the forum.