Friday, August 24, 2007

RAF #10 on Google

Searching a few days ago I realised that RAF made Google's first page when one searches for "animorphs". We've been hovering at 14 & 15, but finally made the jump to number 10 this week past.  The picture below shows the results for "animorphs".

RAF has been atop of the keyword rankings for "animorphs forum" for years.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Random Statistics

Early August marked the first time in RAF's history the member list has grown over 400 members. Currently there are 412 members registered on the forum, the most in the history of RAF.
Also, in the statistic arena, RAF saw over 1000 page views, the most since June 28th of this year. At this moment 1,229,952 hits have been recorded since February 23, 2005.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

E-Books a hit for RAF Blog

After only recording 126 hits to RAF Blog since I began tracking 24 days ago, I began noticing a quite a number of persons coming to the blog in search of Animorphs E-books.

62 persons as you can see from the image below have come to the blog from search engines, and with that the keywords used have come to light. An overwhelming number of persons are in search of ebooks. And thanks to Dace we are now the place to find these ebooks.

RAF Uploads is Back!

After some SQL issues which I never got around to fix, RAF Uploads (the place where you upload your avatar / signature / random picture) is back online. This system is open to all members of RAF to register and manage your images. 
To access the uploads area, click on the more link in your personal bar.

*remember, having a RAF account does not mean you have a RAF Uploads account. We have no access to the Conforums database, so everyone (who hasn't registered there, has to register.)

Additional Advertisment Banner

Conforums has added another banner at the bottom of all pages. I hope it doesn't become a bother. It shouldn't, but after four years seeing another banner makes for standing out.

Host Move

I've just completed the move from XEHOST to 100 WEBSPACE as the result of an impending bill from Xehost :(
Initially RAF ( was hosted on 100 Webspace, but I merged RAF with my other two sites so that all my sites can be managed in one area. Anyhow, there should be no visible changes to RAF as a result of the move. What is certain though is that we'll have a host for sure until May 2008 with 100 Webspace.