Sunday, September 30, 2007

eBook Project Update

As all members of RAF should know, the Animorphs eBook Project, started by Dace, has a home with RAF. To date 36 Animorphs books have been scanned and uploaded by volunteers. These books can be downloaded free from the Richard's Animorphs Forum eBook Project.

Thanks again to the members who have taken their time to scan copies for members unable to access an Animorphs book.

Most Active Day of the Year

Yesterday, Sept 29 '07 was RAF's most active day (in terms of page views) in exactly 16 months.

2052 hits were recorded yesterday, with 185 Unique Visitors, the last time RAF was viewed 2000+ times in one day was on May 29 '06; 16 months ago.

In addition, 139 posts were created, 1 removed, and 1 locked.


October 2 Update: On October 1, RAF received 2,618 views, extending the most viewed day since April 20,2006.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Massive Outage Yesterday

For reasons beyond me, for nine (9) hours yesterday (sept 11) from 12 to 9. RAF and it's associated pages an services were down. Sorry for the inconvenience.

500 Members

Granted I have removed 428 members from RAF for inactivity (as of June of this year), RAF has reached the 500 member mark.
Just for record keeping, RAF's 500th member is bleed, who registered just minutes ago.