Tuesday, February 18, 2014

RAF Reunion!

In an effort to revitalize our beloved forum, we are looking to have a RAF Reunion! What is this? This is where we try to encourage old member to return, while making an effort to make RAF a more awesome and fun place for old and new members alike!

What do we need from you?

Well, aside from your presence (on RAF, in Chat, on skype) of course, we are hoping to get as many old RAFians as we can for a couple days next month (March 15-16, coinciding with March's RAF Party). Staff will be doing our best to get the word out via various social networking channels, but you can help, too! Poke RAFians you talk to or have on Facebook or however you can get ahold of people. The more people we have, the better!

You can see more on this and other ideas we're throwing around to get RAF more active again here! We also have a brainstorming thread for ideas on events and activities we can host on RAF, which you can find here. And a thread trying to organize a big RAFcon for 2015 here!

Monday, February 17, 2014

What RAF Generation are you?

Richard's Animorphs Forum is old.

RAF is so old, RAFians (members) come and go like members of a family. Depending on how long you have been on RAF shows not only your love for Animorphs, but for our Animorphs community.

Enter RAF Generations. An ongoing project to group our members by RAF age.

Let's say you joined RAF (now Classic) in 2003, that means you're a part of a very elite set of RAFians who joined in the same year we began. You'll be in Generation 1. You'd probably be surprised to know that a few members from Generation 1 are still active, Richard, Ash and Asmo just to name a few.

Now let's say you just joined our awesome community. You'll be in Generation 19. That's right, over 18 generations have passed in 10 years. Now the methodology on categorizing generations prior to 2010 is not an exact science (it depends on if you remember posting around the same time as other RAFians). However since January 2010 a new generation begins every 6 months.

Interested in learning more? Interested in which generation you fall under?

Visit the RAF Generations main thread and join the the discussion.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Audiobook Revival Auditions

Hey, RAFians, how would you like to be a part of a truly awesome project? Now's your chance! The Animorphs Audiobook Project is back, and it needs your help!

Think you'd make a good Ax? Or maybe you've got what it takes to voice Visser 3? Mr. Guy36 is currently holding auditions for the roles of Ax, Visser Three, and Chapman. Click here to get the information and submit your auditions.

Be sure to keep an eye on the Audiobooks Project in the coming months for updates. I know I will be!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Revitalaissance has begun!

RAFians, it's time. What would you like to see from RAF? What direction do you want this community to take? What projects do you want us to tackle? What fun things do you want to do? What cool things do you want to draw our attention to? What could RAF offer that you'd find exciting?

The discussion is open to anyone who wants to join in, and any and all thoughts are welcome! Click here to lend your ideas to the pile!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Thought-Speak: An Animorphs Podcast!

Guess what? Some guys (Mitchell and Coleman) have an awesome thing going on: a well produced Animorphs podcast that's re-reading and discussing the Animorphs series.

This is perfect for those who are nostalgic about Animorphs, and those who are into podcasts.

So far there is only 1 episode, The Invasion (feed) however their website suggests book #2, The Visitor is on the way.

See their thread on RAF to discuss.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Scott, our new Social Staff member!

RAF introduced the Social Staff team back in 2011 to keep fellow RAFians engaged with our small Animorphs community.

Today, I am pleased to announce that Scott/Aluminator has joined the Social Staff team, joining Ash, and newly-promoted leader, Steph. 

I look forward to working with him, and bringing his ideas to life. 

Welcome aboard again Scott!