Tuesday, February 18, 2014

RAF Reunion!

In an effort to revitalize our beloved forum, we are looking to have a RAF Reunion! What is this? This is where we try to encourage old member to return, while making an effort to make RAF a more awesome and fun place for old and new members alike!

What do we need from you?

Well, aside from your presence (on RAF, in Chat, on skype) of course, we are hoping to get as many old RAFians as we can for a couple days next month (March 15-16, coinciding with March's RAF Party). Staff will be doing our best to get the word out via various social networking channels, but you can help, too! Poke RAFians you talk to or have on Facebook or however you can get ahold of people. The more people we have, the better!

You can see more on this and other ideas we're throwing around to get RAF more active again here! We also have a brainstorming thread for ideas on events and activities we can host on RAF, which you can find here. And a thread trying to organize a big RAFcon for 2015 here!

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