Thursday, July 24, 2008

Profile Additions

Tired of not being in the loop when it regards a member's real name? Or ever wondered who a user was, according to themselves?

Problem solved with the new profile fields:

Uploading Via Attachments

Want to show off your picture? Share PDFs? Or your own song? It's simple:

First. Go to your Post Reply, or New Topic area:

Then click on Additional Options:

From there you can select whatever* you want to upload.

*Please note the Allowed file types: doc, gif, jpg, mp3, pdf, png, txt, zip.

Maximum attachment size allowed: 5120 Kilobytes or 5 Megabytes.
You also get to attach four per post.


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

BRB & We're Back!

The forum will BRB.

Edit: 12:23EST

Restart your computer or browser to access the forum.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Uploading of Avatars Temporarily Disabled

Pending move completion, uploading of avatars have been temporarily disabled.

Edit: You are now able to upload/attach files, and avatars.

Bigger Host & Future Downtime

I've found ourselves a new host. Well, incidentally, it was our first paid home (XEHost) back in 2007. They currently host the Blog. So we are simply moving back with a bigger share of their server. Our current host (LiquidNet) while was munificent on the hard-drive space and bandwidth fronts, lacked in what we need the most; MySQL space (or simply Forum space). At our current rate, we would use up all available space by October of this year.

Preempting that inevitable, and rapid use of all available forum resources, I began looking for a new home. XEHost was generous enough to provide us with relatively cheap hosting with enough MySQL disk-space to last us for over 1,000 months. (Of course, their plan expires anually, so keep donating).

The actual move will take place sometime in the near future & will likely result in some downtime. But I'm trying to devise ways to keep downtime at a minimum. I will post again when I have everything in order and am ready to move.

On some other, but related news: Our main domain; is now secured until 2011.

Edit: Move Complete with only a few minutes of Forum downtime.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Detailed Member Ranks / Groups Info.

I have never detailed in one place, a comprehensive list, the difference between each member group / member rank. So here they are:

  • Lurker | 0 Posts
1 Star - Can't applaud or smite. Allowed 10 personal messages.

  • Newbie | 1-9 Posts
1 Star - Can't applaud or smite. Allowed 10 personal messages.

  • Jr. Member | 10-49 Posts
2 Stars - Can applaud or smite. Allowed 50 personal messages & Can attach files.

  • Full Member | 50-249 Posts

3 Stars - Same as Jr. Member. + Allowed 100 personal messages.

  • Sr. Member | 250-499 Posts
4 Stars - Same as Full Member + Can edit display name.

  • Hero Member | 500-999 Posts
5 Stars - Same as Sr. Member

  • Jr. Xtreme Member | 1000-1999 Posts
6 Stars - Same as Sr. Member

  • Xtreme Member | 2000-4999 Posts
7 Stars - Same as Sr. Member + Can modify custom title

  • God | 5000+ Posts (black color)

8 Stars - Same as Xtreme Member + 500 personal messages + Can move & lock own posts.

  • Elite | 5000+ Posts (black color) -Alternate to God-

8 Stars - Same as God Member

9 Stars - Same as Gods + 1000 personal messages + 10 Karma Points + access to D-Lounge

  • Gold Member ($50+ in donations - gold color - lasts forever)

10 Stars - Same as Donators + unlimited personal messages + 50 Karma Points

Monday, July 14, 2008

Home Page Link Added

A little tweak I made to the RAF Forum navigation.

I've added a link to the home page. Previously you could, and still can go to RAF's home page by clicking on the RAF logo atop all pages.

In addition to the Home link addition. The RAF Forum home link has been renamed to Forum Home, and the RAF Blog link is now beside the newly created RAF Home link.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

RAF's New Facebook Page

Our presence on Facebook has been updated. You can now get updates directly on your profile/home page when you become a fan of the Official RAF Facebook page.

2/6 Staff Members Dropped

Adam/TheEllimist left RAF a few weeks ago. Now, personal friend of mine Ricardo decided to step down from his staff position. He will continue to participate in RAF though.

There are now 4 persons in total on staff.

  1. Me (Richard)
  2. Esplin 9466 (Russell)
  3. Phoenix004 (Mike)
  4. Druid (Raphael / Isuru)

Staff List ->

RAF Should Be Back Up

Sorry for the extended downtime. I didn't even accomplish what I set to. I'll have to do that at a later date. If you're still unable to access RAF restart your computer, and try again.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Hide Your Online Status

The following groups now have the option to hide their online status:

  1. Donators
  2. Gods (5000 posts or more)
  3. Xtreme Members (2000 posts or more)

To hide your online status, go to your profile, select "Account Related Settings", then untick "Show others your online status?"

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

RAF TV Links Back Up!

The Animorphs television series is back online after an all day (and 3.8 gigabyte) move from File Crunch to File Factory.

The files are no longer available in .wmv format. They are in .avi format.

Download & Watch Animorphs Here ->