Monday, July 21, 2008

Bigger Host & Future Downtime

I've found ourselves a new host. Well, incidentally, it was our first paid home (XEHost) back in 2007. They currently host the Blog. So we are simply moving back with a bigger share of their server. Our current host (LiquidNet) while was munificent on the hard-drive space and bandwidth fronts, lacked in what we need the most; MySQL space (or simply Forum space). At our current rate, we would use up all available space by October of this year.

Preempting that inevitable, and rapid use of all available forum resources, I began looking for a new home. XEHost was generous enough to provide us with relatively cheap hosting with enough MySQL disk-space to last us for over 1,000 months. (Of course, their plan expires anually, so keep donating).

The actual move will take place sometime in the near future & will likely result in some downtime. But I'm trying to devise ways to keep downtime at a minimum. I will post again when I have everything in order and am ready to move.

On some other, but related news: Our main domain; is now secured until 2011.

Edit: Move Complete with only a few minutes of Forum downtime.

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