Saturday, November 5, 2011

Let's Get Social!

Hey everyone, I'm Ash, the latest Social Staff Member on your favourite Animorphs forum. I'll be joining Steph and Cody in extending RAF's reach on various social platforms. My main aim would be to help the newer members integrate and help them find their way around - who'd want to miss out on all that RAF has to offer? I'll also work to keep RAF's Twitter, Facebook and Blog pages updated and all our members informed about what's going on.

One of RAF's many attractions is it's easy-going, fun and engaging atmosphere in which us Animorphs fans from the world over can discuss our favourite series to our heart's content - and everything else under the sun while we're at it. Here's hoping we can all work together to keep things interesting and fun, as well as extend our reach to all the other fans out there.

You'll usually see me hanging around the General and Social boards on RAF. Go right ahead and shoot me a private message if you'd like to share any ideas, comments or if you need any help finding your way around RAF.


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