Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Re-Read of Animorphs Underway at RAF

In honor of what is arguably the greatest book series in the world, and inarguably the best forum for said books in the world, Richard's Animorphs Forum is holding a(nother) weekly group Re-read of Animorphs.

Now is your chance to discuss the laughs, tears, and philosophical implications of the books that brought us all together, with the people who know them best. It's also your chance to give your say once and for all on each book; as we go through each title will be accompanied by a poll so you can rate every book, culminating in what will (probably) be the largest fan-based evaluation of the entire series, EVER. And we need you to make it happen!

Week 1: The Invasion is under way now, so come back to the story you've never left. Have fun. And don't forget to vote!

(Thanks RYTX)

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