Saturday, November 5, 2011

Greetings From The Broken Boy

Howdy, y'all! I'm Broken, and I'm one of the new Social Staff members! Most of y'all probably already know me, but for the new guys/gals, and the ones that just haven't met me yet, lemme go ahead and introduce myself, and let y'all know about a few things. :)

I'm Cody, I'm 20, and I live in Tennessee. I adore RAF and all the RAFians, and I'm here to hopefully get some people excited about some new goings-on around here, and maybe even manage to get us some new members from our various social networks. :)

We've got some great stuff going on right now, like the weekly RAFchat day tomorrow (I'm sure you've all gotten a PM about that or seen the header), updates on future RAFcons, possibly, and plenty of other fun and exciting stuff! :)

Alrighty, well I'm gonna sign off for this blog.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns or ideas, please feel free to shoot me a PM. :)

All my contact info is my siggy on the forum, too, if you need anything. :)

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