Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Some members of RAF have started a new project, which is just for fun, called Bibliomorphs. What this project is trying to do, is translate all of the books into Bible-type talk. here is an example that VenomSymbiote wrote:

And Jacob of the Californians did decree "SCREW YOU, EREK!" as he led the Holy Valley troops towards the maws of death, deceiving and invading the heathens and turning soul against soul!

The Blue One slaughtered the newest disciples, and he did laugh mightily! Traitorous Thomas did escape his Lord with his own apostles, planning the apocalypse of the Empire true!

So sayeth the Lord, Angel Rachel slew the traitorous pagan with animal spirit in tow, meeting her own fate at the hands of Polar Bear Goliath.

Blah blah blah, Marco dwelled in riches, gold and spoils, fame of his conquests reaching the Chosen People! The 6th Disciple, Aximili Of The Otherworld, flew to the heavens to fight in His name. Cassandra cared for all of God's creatures, as Tobias hid out in the Garden Of Eden wasting his days.

So sayeth the Gospel of Applegate, The Year Of Our Ellimist 1996 A.D.

You can find it at: http://bibliomorphs.wikilot.com/wiki/Main_Page

They need help editing it. So if you think you can help, join, and help!
So sayeth the Admins of thy forum!

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