Saturday, April 24, 2010

Top 10 posters this week get 10 karma points!

To show my appreciation to our active members, I have decided to applaud the top 10 posters on RAF this week. The list of most active members are:

  1. Genies9
  2. Aluminator
  3. Spartan-281
  4. VisserZer0
  5. itw2009
  6. estrid
  7. Phoenix004
  8. Oni no Kage
  9. Cerulean
  10. Meta Shorty

Thanks guys. Now go show off your inflated karma.


Mike said...

I'm in the list? Seriously? Awesome! Thanks Rich! :D

Anonymous said...

ohay; this is a surprise. C:

thanks, richard! i was wondering what the heck i'd done to suddenly have 10 more karma points than i'd had, say, three days ago. xD

Visser said...

Now I know the reason for my sudden Karma jump. Woohoo! Thanks!