Sunday, April 4, 2010

RAF Staff April 2010 Changes

It's amazing that with four of the best persons suitable for the job of RAF Staff, chosen some years ago, others in the not so distant past, one would reach the point where each of them are on their way out of the staff building. Okay, it's not a building, but rather a very elite club of RAFians who have shown themselves to be dutiful, trustworthy, and dependable.

As most of you are aware, thanks to my position at a 9-5 job, I have become exceptionally busy since March 1, 2010. It's at these crucial times I depend on the persons who I've selected to look after the forum. It is quite unfortunate that we have reached the point where I must blog about the demotion of the entire RAF Staff (Claire, Kevin, Mike, Russell).

When there are no posts or trickling posts in the Staff board it is usually indicative of two things.
1. There isn't anything of worth that the staff must deal with.
2. The staff isn't active in the forum.

I can safely say that #1 is not the case. Why? There are quite a few things that were outstanding. So that leaves us with the dreaded issue of staff inactivity.

At no point should a thread / issue to be dealt with be sitting down for days; unanswered, untended to. This was the case. As a result I feel that it is time to do some re-shuffling. Whoever wants to remain on board with myself heading the team can feel free to do so. I will however, take special interest in how each and every one of the staff members participate and take initiative with regards to the forum and issues relating to it.

As I said on Twitter, if you feel that you can be active each and every day, take initiative and have the interests of Richard's Animorphs Forum at the forefront of your online life; then feel free to send me a message saying you wish to be selected for joining the RAF Staff.

Update (April 5):
goom has been placed back on the administrator team.
Update 2 (April 7)
Phoenix004/Mike has been placed back on the Sr. Staff team.
Visser 3 / Russell has stepped down from staff duties.

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