Monday, April 12, 2010

RAF on Tapatalk

Do you have an iPhone, Droid / Nexus One (Andriod), Blackberry or S60 (Nokia phone)?

If so, you're in luck: RAF has partnered with Tapatalk to allow you to browse RAF Forum on your mobile device using the Tapatalk app. This is the closest thing RAF has to a mobile app.

If you used to browse RAF on your mobile phone, then you are most likely aware of RAF Mobile  ( which took you to our slimmed down version of the forum.

Now you can use the native Tapatalk app on any of the above mobile devices.
To get the application on your device, you can simply access RAF on your mobile device and an alert will tell you how to download the Tapatalk application. From the application, just search for Richard's Animorphs Forum (or RAF) and you are on your way.

Or you can visit the Tapatalk website and get download links for your phone.

Because I use the iPhone here are some sample screenshots.

RAF on Safari alerts the user telling them that Tapatalk is available on their device:

Once the app is downloaded, search for Richard's Animorphs Forum:

Once you've found RAF, login, and you will see the forum formatted for your device:

Yes, you can post a reply, new topic and add attachments also!:

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