Thursday, January 22, 2009

Downsizing Coming March 2009

At this rate of 3 hosts, and 5 domains, there would be no more money left in my bank account. So in an effort to save some mulah, I'm going to discontinue the Blog host (which used to host the RAF Chat also, until I moved it to XEHOST).

This would mean that in March 2009, I will stop paying for that server. Blog will be moved to XEHOST's server the the coming days.

This server drop will leave us with 2 shared hosts.


WildWeathel said...

Richard, do you mean to say that XEHOST is *not* historically the worst of the three?

Richard said...

I just remembered why I'm choosing XEHOST, while they may have the worst uptime in recent months, they have less latency, and more SQL space.