Friday, January 2, 2009

RAF's Main Host Down... (updated)

RAF's main host has been down from 12pm today January 2, 2009. One hour later I decided to flip the switch so to speak on the host we recently acquired.

I am feverishly working to bring the website up-to-date.

Update 5pm: Updating complete. Attachments which were uploaded after the 27th of December will not work. In addition, attaching files, and uploading avatars have been disabled.

Update 8am January 3: XEHost is back up. I'm in the process of bringing back all the avatars and attachments that were uploaded after the 27th.

Update 840am: Old attachments are now back. Will be moving back to the old host; nothing will change, and no downtime will be experienced. Attachments and avatar uploading will be re-enabled.


Anonymous said...

Will uploading of Avatars be re-enabled at some point in the future?

Anonymous said...

They're back.