Wednesday, January 28, 2009

3,000,000 Hits on RAF Forum

Richard's Animorphs Forum's actual forum just recorded its 3 millionth hit. We recorded our 2nd millionth hit back on December 30, 2008, meaning we gained a million hits in exactly 4 weeks.

January may/ will be the first month in RAF history, that the forum was viewed 1 million times.

What is a hit?
It's also called pageview... each time the page is loaded it counts as a hit. Because RAF is a forum, this number tends to be high.

Update 1: 10PM. RAF Forum passes 1 million hits in January alone:


Touquie said...

RAF is so hot. People can't stop hitting on it!

Duff said...

hahaha nice one touq

holy crapola, thats alot of hits, good work everybody