Monday, January 12, 2009

Best (Statistical) Day in RAF History

Date: January 11, 2009
Place: RAF Forum & RAF eBooks

The January RAF Party is done; the place is a mess, hung-over members litter the grounds, and records lay tattered, smashed... destroyed.

What happened on January 11, 2009 is quite spectacular. First the forum experienced activity like never before.

8,156 new posts were created
77,318 hits were recorded

Both these statistics are new RAF Records!

Tallying the two days of the RAF Party, we see 13,424 new posts created (that is more than the individual months of August, September and October 2008). As for hits, the two days accumulated 112,349 hits on the forum alone.

The image below shows us the comparisons between RAF Parties... The last 3 spikes are the RAF Parties. The last spike is January's.

Now I'd like to turn your attention to the following graph You see that Burj Dubai like structure?:

Here is where RAF eBooks comes in (you know, the place which houses all the Animorphs eBooks, and now includes Remnants & Everworld?).

Yesterday, January 11, saw thousands of users from all over the world coming from StumbleUpon; a social bookmarking website. This accounted for the unprecedented (according to Google) 3,284 visitors, according to StatCounter 3,969 visitors which visited yesterday.
The RAF average prior to yesterday was 583.