Friday, January 2, 2009

RAFcouples: A Rising Trend

It all started with Esplin9466's "RAF Crush" thread, back in Classic RAF: RAFcouples. Members of RAF announced their jesting interest in other RAFians, and these tentative RAFpairings took on lives of their own. They grew slowly at first, with RAFdating and RAF-PDA during the chats, culminating with RAFengagements, when each member of a RAFcouple would place an announcement in their signature, for lack of an engagement ring. Sometimes RAFships end in RAFdivorce, and sometimes strange offspring like Pootang and Ender would result from these RAFunions, but as a whole, most early RAFbonds have remained solid. The ultimate sign that a RAFcouple had been accepted by the forum? A 'ship nickname, naturally!

First AnnaKen established itself as a notable RAFrelationship, receiving its "official name", and then Estyler, Chouquie, and the short-lived Clanker followed it in close succession.
Other names were not so easy to decide. Teach9466 is rather awkward-sounding, some seem to believe. How do you combine Yrkd88 with ANYTHING?
I'm not slamming anyone's username, of course, but it is worth consideration when you choose your RAFpartner.

After all, while Dunna sounds interesting, Esteloomin, Estanker, Jorsinuff, and Esplouquie don't really roll off the tongue so very well, do they?

It seems like there is a new RAFcouple rising into the spotlight every time I turn my head. The wikians at RAFipedia are in a hurry to keep up with the tempestuous waves of RAFlove and affection. Since AnnaKen's separation, the collective RAFian consciousness has been spinning. How can something as permanent and sacred as a RAFmarriage be so easily broken? What is wrong with the world? What will happen to the rest of us?
These are powerful questions for us to consider. In the mean time, I'm just going to cling tightly to my sanity, Tyler, while I try like Heck to keep up with it all. Now that January has arrived, my free time is waxing longer, and I shall have more energy and time to commit to RAF and its wonderful, unpredictable, lovable, crazy denizens.

Well, I hope all my RAFian darlings have a marvelous weekend. Good-night, all!

Yours Truly,

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estelore, you are too funny.