Thursday, July 30, 2009

Animorphs 2.0? - RUMOR

Very interesting stuff:

Some new info on a rumor we posted a few months back, our source (who still wishes to remain unnamed) says that Scholastic seems to be on board with making an Animorphs 2.0 happen. They supposedly had a recent discussion on how to handle the continuity from 1.0, which is the series we left off at.

Please note that we, at Hirac Delest, don’t post every rumor (or any rumor, for that matter) that is given to us (and there are a LOT), unless we feel that the source is legitimate in some way. Saying that, we’re not posting this as an official announcement either, as no official news has been released by Scholastic to confirm this. More updates from our source on this matter will be posted on Hirac Delest as they come.

Of course none of this has been independently verified.

Source - Hirac Delest


Mike said...

:O If this turns out to be true then AWESOMENESS!!!

I wonder how on Earth they'd actually continue the series without completely destroying it though. I'm not impressed with 99% of fanfics set after #54

Unknown said...

:0 please be true!

goom said...

i'm thinking either they could write on a different timeline (like the other chronicles) or an alternate story.
either way, i'm really excited.