Friday, July 17, 2009

Harry Potter VI

Hey, RAF!
Well, I'm going to see the new Harry Potter movie tonight with some people, and I'll preface the article by saying that I've only read the third book. Books tend to be better than their movies, so I decided at the beginning of it all to refrain from reading the series until after the movie cycle is complete. This way, I'll be able to appreciate fully the movies as they are, without interference of my opinion of the plot.

For this week's article, I'm going to offer a question for you: If you had never read the books, how do you think you would have received the movies?

Please answer in comments, avoiding spoilers if at all possible. (Yes, I know who dies and who doesn't die in the 6th book. There's no avoiding that knowledge. *chuckle* Just please no intimate gory details, okey?)

All my love to you, dearlings. Have a brilliant weekend!

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