Sunday, April 12, 2009

RAFparty #7 Day 1

If I had to describe this weekend's first RAFparty in 10 words or less, I'd say, "What RAFparty?"
This is by far, the worst RAFparty day ever. My name is Morfowt and I will be your blogger for this devastating day.

The first sign that says we have a problem this weekend, would be the lack of enthusiasm and reminder of the upcoming RAFparty. Usually, quite a few veteran members would post reminders in the RAFparty thread at least 24 hours before it started. This week there has been no such thing. I've also noticed that the RAFparty thread has been buried deep under many topics, possibly caused by the recent merging of the General Board and Life Board.
The second sign was when the party had already started for an hour, and no increase in post frequency occured in the Bored Board. In fact, about 2 hours in, I had a Skype chat with a few members and found some didn't even know today was the day.

Stats of that day also support this. On the day of the RAFparty:
6 New Topics - That is our second lowest amount this month so far, beating only 5 topics on April 8th. Previous parties made over 20 new topics a day, once reaching over 40.
492 new posts - The third lowest amount this month so far (the other two days, 473 and 413), and last out of all RAFparties by a long shot. Previous parties made well over 1000 new posts, and usually even over 4000 new posts.
48529 hits - while that day did have the most page view this month, it was only by about 4000 hits. We made about 44000 hits on April 2nd.

RAFparties are a day for everyone to come onto the forum, post, break RAF records, and have a blast. As not one of these has been accomplished in any way, I believe it's safe to say this RAFparty day was epic fail in every definition.
But, luckily, RAFparty lasts 2 days. Everyone out there, let's make up for this with the 2nd day.

As this post comes to a close, I can't help but notice the possible connection between this, the slight drop in last month's RAFparty, and the recent rise in leaving veteran RAFians...


Rachel said...

I thought this was supposed to be a RAFparty weekend! Was wondering what was going on. When I didn't see anything, I assumed I had my weekends mixed up. Guess not.

Crud. I was looking forward to a RAFparty while I had a weekend off.


Richard said...

Since everyone seemingly forgot, (including myself) I removed the events from the calendar. The bored board was never set to allow posts to count (the crux of the RAF Party), so I guess we can safely say there was no party.