Tuesday, April 7, 2009

TIP: Determine if there are new posts

If you ever wondered what these icons are all about (forgetting that they are the SMF logo [[note to self, change to RAF logo]]) this is the post for you.

The first icon means that there are no new posts in the board. The second icon means that there are. Take for example:

The icons are telling me that in the General Board there are new posts that I haven't read. In the Media Area, I have visited that board, and no one posted after I visited it.

Additionally to telling you if there are new posts in a board, you are able to click on the icon, and you will be shown all the unread posts in that board.


Duff said...

Wow, I didn't know you could click it and find out the recent threads that have been posted in. Thats cool.

Also theres a different shade the box could have. If its lighter blue, not as dark as the second icon, then it means that there aren't new posts in the main board, but there are some in the sub-boards.

goom said...

also, the NEW button is quite useful. (combined with 'Show unread posts since last visit' and
'Show new replies to your posts' )