Thursday, April 2, 2009


While looking at the Member list in order of Date Registered, I realized that only Mike (Phoenix004) and I were the ones who registered in 2003 (on RAFclassic of course), followed by two people from 2005 (Kelly and Tyler). At first, i was surprised and astounded that we had the rest register in 2008 and onward, most re-registering after the move from RAFClassic, and not asking for their original Registration date back.

This is my friendly reminder that if you registered on RAF Classic and haven't asked for your original registration date yet, please do!! Nostalgia on a forum like RAF is greatly appreciated!! It also sets up a sort-of seniority. That way, if someone has a question and are afraid to go to the Staff (they are pretty scary to newbs!), they can just ask a more senior member.

I was looking on RAFclassic for some of our oldest members, but there was no option to sort by registration date. So i looked up the Top 20 Posters, and found some members that had been very active, but didn't stay with us.

  • Sarah Connor
  • Xandria Nirvana
  • Meanders
  • Jordan
  • Sarah Naeem

That's just to name a few. Also, I was wondering why so many people are leaving, and I decided to determine which of the more active members of the new RAF have left, or are very inactive.

  • Anna
  • Leigh
  • Skye
  • mrlarry
  • Venomwiththelongname

If people wouldn't leave, there wouldn't be another reason for other people to leave. So please, people: End the Trend. Stay with RAF, and quit leaving.

Please leave comments.

Sincerely, Adam.


Anonymous said...

I actually have asked for my old registration date, but I never got it. I'll go remind richard again...

Richard said...

Now that I'm here... done Morf!

Unknown said...

Sarah Connor
Xandria Nirvana
Sarah Naeem

I miss all of them!! And Nabiha! Does anyone remember her?? And Isuru..and Ahmed(Jake)! And...and...sigh :(

Anonymous said...

Well, I only registered Feb '08 so it doesn't make much difference, but I never got my old registration date either. xD

Anonymous said...

hmm... about Jake, on RAFclassic, he was a massive poster, but then he just literally, dropped of the radar... and for Meanders, well, i have no clue what happened to him

Unknown said...

Jake moved to another country so he didn't come online as much. And yeah, things change..