Monday, April 20, 2009


Do you have a RAFcrush yet?

Do you know what a RAFcrush is?

Well see, a RAFcrush is a crush on someone who is a member of RAF. Sounds simple, but is actually very complex. This is because if you have a RAFcrush on someone who has a RAFcrush on you, that means that there is some RAFchemistry going on!! My next suggestion would be to start RAFdating.

RAFdating is also very complex, and should be carefully researched by asking current RAFdaters for their advice. Such RAFdaters are, for examples: Claire and Mike, or Estelore and Tyler.

After you and your RAFpartner have been dating for a while, one of you may want to move on to the next step, RAFengagement! One example of a RAFengaged couple, would be Russell and Dameg. They have been trying to move onto their next step for a while, which is to be....

RAFmarried!!! This is the biggest step in RAFcrushing, as this is the ultimate level of RAFcommitment. It's also a very big RAFcelebration that EVERYONE can have a part in (stags, stagettes, etc.). Only two RAFcouples have gotten married in the past. They would be Anna and Ken, or Touquie and Charlie. Only the latter are still together, which brings me to an optional, but sometimes unfortunate RAFcrush stage.

RAFdivorce. Just ask Ken or Anna for the explanation...

RAFchildren are very rare on RAF, seeing as how this is a children's book-forum, and must stay PG-13 or lower in the ratings. But, one RAFchild has been concieved throughout RAF's history. I'm not going to mention it's "dirty"name, but it starts with a P and ends with ootang.

Also, don't stab someone in the back, not very pleasant. Trust me, I've experienced it. And broken hearts are not fun.

So, if you are thinking of starting a RAFcrush, please, reference this topic, and find all the help you need. Just don't start too much RAFdrama.

Also, RAFipedia has a page here, which needs some updating.



P.S. I would like to thank Gaz and Faerie in helping me with this post!! Thank you!!


Unknown said...

Wow, subtle there Ellimist. Very...informational, if you can be on this bizarre topic.

Faerie said...

You're welcome :)

This will be super useful to the newer members.

goom said...

very subtle.

Anonymous said...

Subtle. Totally didn't notice Cody's name bolded or anything... *eyeroll*

Anonymous said...

.. I'm hurt, man!
I never meant to break your heart! *eye roll*
I mean.. I think something else that should be added to these instructions is that RAFdating is a forum game.... Not to be taken to heart... Or broken heart.