Tuesday, March 10, 2009

RAF Staff

I have recently noticed that sometimes all the staff members, with the exception of Ricard, get little to no respect. This has been going on for a while, some of the staff feel they get no respect and I myself don't feel like I get as much as I should have earned by now. I've been signed in almost 30 days of my life (thats only on new RAF). I've donated plenty time and hard earned money to make this forum what people love.

How is it that I feel like when I tell people to stay on topic its taken as a joke?
How come when I tell people maybe things are getting a little to heated or disrespectful to a singular member people ignore me?

Some of us have given up on trying to keep things tidy or under control because no one listens.

This is the start of something new, a new RAF staff. Disrespect will not be tolerated, warning will be fewer and punishments will be given out to people who don't listen.

By the way, 99% of RAFians are nice and discuss/argue politely. There really isn't much to do as a staff memeber here, we aren't tyrants, we dont tell you what to do.

All we do is try and keep things in order. Why not respect us? Why not treat us with respect?

Everyone from Richard, the CREATOR of RAF, to goom our jr. staff.

You have to listen to all of us, maybe you dont like it, but you have to. All we do is enforce simple rules and keep things organized. Is that so bad?



goom said...

thank you esplin.

Richard said...


Estelore said...

*standing ovation*

You already know how I feel about it. E'en so, this was very well said, and more people need to read it.

Raphael said...

Well said.