Monday, March 9, 2009

Adam... now top Donator with 3rd donation!

"RAF Elder", Adam has once again decided he will not be outdone.
After claiming the #1 spot earlier in the year with his second donation... he has joined the exclusive club of those who have donated over 2 times.

Russell have donated 3 times. But he is now RAF's top donator.

Of course, this post is to thank Adam for his monetary contributions to RAF. After all, it's through these donations (and ad-revenue (which is meh if you ask me) that you're able to enjoy the RAFperience!

Feel free to use our PAYPAL system to contribute whatever you can & learn more about what you get from donating by clicking here.

PS: On the topic of RAF Donations, as I told Adam eariler, the system will be tweaked a bit in the near future

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