Saturday, March 7, 2009

Happy Spring!

Spring is finally arriving in the northern hemisphere of this lovely planet, and it means different things to each of us. Some of us are getting ready for spring dances, concerts, musicals, and other school events. Some of us are eager for the sports season to begin, and March Madness is about to hit the U.S. I'm very eager to get my garden and my private music lessons re-started. Just today we had our local music contest, for which I've practised all week with the kids I accompany on piano, and that's only the beginning of my 'busy season'. Graduation approaches for high school seniors. Final tests are coming up for kids in school and university. Life is getting to be very busy and down-to-the-minute for most of us.

Whatever spring means to you, it generally means that RAF will be seeing less daytime activity from many of its members.

That's the problem with having a life: you have to live it.

Well, happy living, folks. If you can blend IRL with RAF, then more power to you. You have more free time than I have, and I admire your dedication.

Bliss to you, my dears.
Yours Always,

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