Monday, March 9, 2009

Dusting Off an Old (kinda) Gem

Okay, so maybe it's not that old, but it's old by internet standards!

This is just a little poke in the side to ye olde RAFians that RAFipedia is still out there! To the newbie RAFians, allow me to introduce you to RAFipedia.

RAFipedia is a wiki about RAF, the RAFians and Animorphs. Please, check it out!

There, you can register, add information to the wiki and even add your own page to the Notable Members section. Let RAF know who you are! Check out some of the other pages and learn more about your fellow RAFians. Didn't know that one of Ken's favourite movies is The Matrix? Didn't know that Gaz loves The Count of Monte Cristo? Can't keep up with the latest RAFrelationships? Want to know more about the history of RAF? Well you can find all this information and more at!

Once again, that's

C'mon, test out that nice, shiney left click button by clicking on THIS!


And believe it or not, even THIS!

...Are you there yet?

1 comment:

Estelore said...

Thanks for posting a 'pedia plug, Touquie! I appreciate it. :)

Seriously, kiddies! JOIN!!!