Friday, February 27, 2009

They come, they eat, they leave

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the people who frequent RAF, and the people who have left us. Estelore plays a role in this for her great blog post not long ago. I’ve also noticed that a lot of the people who couldn’t be seen off the forums, are now nowhere to be seen. I’ve been thinking about this topic specifically because I’m feeling myself drifting away from RAF. At one point I posted 50-100 times a day every day, now I might only post 10 times. I hope I’m still a presence on RAF, but I can’t deny that I just don’t RAF like I used to.

This isn’t an uncommon thing with a lot of RAFians. Tyler (getting another ego boosting mention in the blogs) was our fastest member (you know…with posts, not…haha) and now he’s awol. Leigh, who I never knew personally, has something like 1100 posts. Now he’ll pop up for a few days here and there, but its undeniable that his time with RAF is done. And then there’s the select few like Mike aka Phoenix004 who have been with the board for years, and still manage to get on regularly.

So does RAF have a shelf life? Do people get bored or sick of it after awhile and just stop caring? I think, as sad as it seems, that they’ve just moved on. Nobody is meant to spend their entire life posting on RAF every day (except Richard; if you ever leave I swear to God…). RAF is like anything else, merely a chapter in a very long life. Sometimes people need RAF to get them through a tough time in their life. I know I did.

I’m not saying this so that everyone will just up and leave the forums. (although that way I could win the last person to post wins thread…again) And don’t worry, this isn’t my farewell speech. (I’m still working on that one, What rhymes with “wanted for murder”?) But I hope it will kind of help people understand why some of us have felt the need to leave. I hope all of you stick around and continue to be as active for as long as I’m here, but if you do have to go, good luck in whatever chapter you’re off to now. And although you may not have time or feel the same connection to the forum, don’t forget the connections you made with the members. I know I wont be on RAF forever, but I like to think some of you will be friends for life.

Dude…this post is just depressing…


Richard said...

Great post. So true too.

WildWeathel said...

Lately I've been realizing that I need to rebalance. More of that IRL stuff. Get a job. Move out of my parents house. Get accepted at a school. That sort of thing. Maybe a bit less RAF. But. But! I'll still be around.

goom said...

very true.