Saturday, February 28, 2009

Onto the Bandwagon

It seems that RAFian waves is the theme of the week. Time to add my two cents.

I completely agree with what Duff and Estelore have already said. It's a sad but true fact of forums.

Why is this the hot topic of the week? Estelore, Duff and I are of the past generation. We're old school now. We have all been watching while our friends disappear from the RAFmap. We have been feeling the drift away from RAF.

I believe that the constantly changing list of dedicated members is one of the main reasons why RAF projects struggle. There is always a few commited members to a project, but within a few months people's priorities shift and RAF is no longer an important factor to life.

While this is a somewhat sombre topic, it's simply a part of a forum's life. When I joined, I was a part of the new generation wave. I saw members with seniority slowly fade away from existance.

To the new members, this is what I have to share: Take all that you can from RAF. Make friends, party and most of all, have fun. One day, you will likely take your leave, but remember what you've learned at RAF. Keep those memories close, no matter how far you drift away.

Til the day I die, I shall not forget RAF.


Anonymous said...

I am most certainly enjoying my time here. A handful of members I've started to consider among my friends.

When, in the future, I find myself away from RAF I hope I can keep in touch with them.


Ell¡m¡st said...

I have been here for very long, almost the longest, and i am still active!! I check the forum everyday!!

goom said...

i'm going to stay (maybe not as active as i currently am) for a long time on RAF. definitely my favorite forum i've been to. such amazing people, we have a great community here.