Friday, February 13, 2009

Why do YOU RAFparty?

Well, folks, we all know that another RAFparty begins tonight, and I know that most of us are very much looking forward to it. I like the increased activity, and I like when most of the members are online at once so that I can watch the lovely ways they interact. Sometimes I take advantage of the chance to raise my post count, I'll admit, but I RAFparty mostly for the social interaction.
Not everyone shares my reasons for RAFpartying. Some of you like to spam the boards just for the halibut. Others take the opportunity to post as fast as they can all at once, using many windows of the same forum. Some of you make your choicest posts or start new topics for the karma-boosts they bring.

Why do you RAFparty?


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

2 reasons:

1. I like to break records
2. I like to read/comment on the numerous replies people post

I also like to log in a lot of time, but I can do that even without an RAFparty, so it shouldn't really count...

Jeffrey Long said...

I don't RAFparty. Quite frankly, my life is too busy for me to spend more then 5 minutes a day on the boards as it is, much less spending two full days spamming, lol.