Saturday, February 14, 2009

RAFparty #5 day 1

Yep, it's that time of the month again...

Today was the first day of the fifth RAFparty (or as I like to call it RAFparty 09.02.01). My name is morfowt, and I will be your author today.

The party started at midnight (like usual), with people counting down the minutes left, hours before it even started. This RAFparty wasn't quite as active or crazy as previous ones, most likely because it was also valentine's day, so some people were spending it with their dates. Others, were probably busy with work and other things.

As the first day draws to a close, let's look back at some of the highlights...
  1. Top Poster: Esplin 9466, now an admin, has beaten Leigh, and is now the top poster, with 11245 posts total.
  2. New Gods: Congratulations Azguard and Mirienne for achieving God status! Azguard, especially, because he is the first new member (a member that wasn't from RAFclassic) who achieved God status
  3. 10000+ posts: Superclaire, recently promoted to Sr. Staff, has made over 10000 posts, and is the 4th member on RAF to do so.
Other Stats include:
  1. Top Poster Today: Esplin 9466 has made 800+ posts today. Not as high as previous parties, but still pretty high, nonetheless.
  2. New Topics Today: The first day, we've created 36 new topics. That places it in second place (first place goes to the first day of the RAFparty in January, with 46 new topics).
  3. Page Views Today: Not much happy news here. Although we've made 60440 hits (which is a high number, and the second most on RAFparty days), it's not even the most number of hits this month. On February sixth, we made over 61000 hits.
  4. New Posts Today: Alas, we've only made 4188 new posts today. That's lower than the last 4 RAFparties (1 day counts as 1 party).
To summarize, not the best RAFparty ever, but a successful one, with goals achieved...

And remember: the RAFparty lasts 2 days, so if you missed the first day, there's still the second...


Duff said...

Yep, it's that time of the month again...

Thats what she said

Good summary morf, sounds like the party is going alright so far.
Congrats Mirienne! Azguard! Russ! Claire!
Good job guys, its always cool to see people meeting their goals during a RAFparty.

Touquie said...

Nice recap, Morf :)

Congrats to the goal achievers!