Friday, February 6, 2009

RAFian Commonalities

Hallo, all!
I've been noticing lately how many similarities there are between RAFians with vastly different personalities, and it baffles and amuses me to no end. Not only do we all have Animorphs in common, but the vast majority of us share at least one other RAF-common trait with other members. I'll post some of those traits I've noticed, and you all please do feel free to comment and add any that I've missed.

1. Addiction to "Pinky and the Brain"
2. Musical ability, especially on piano
3. INTJ or similar personality type (Myers-Briggs Typology... I walk the fine line between INTJ and INFJ, for instance.)
4. A certain fondness for crazy
5. Another certain fondness for argument-for-argument's-sake
6. Belief in the existence of extraterrestrial aliens
7. Either very intense religion or no religion at all
8. A solid and fierce opinion on anything at all political, or else an absolute apathy for politics
9. Intense love of books
10. Arcane pop-culture, movie, musical theatre, and literary knowledge

What else, folks? Help me out, here. :)

1 comment:

goom said...

for me (goom):

1. probably not, haven't ever watched it. i need to though :(
2. definitely true here. i love music, playing and listening.
3. haha, i can't remember my results, but i know that a lot of people got that.
4. you'd have to be insane to think i was sane.
5. argument is my middle name.
6. who doesn't?
7. i'm borderline here. i'm off and on. i have my morals, but i haven't gone to church in a while. dunno.
8. politics schmolitics.
9. hand me another please :D
10. i'm left out here, save the literary part.
11. love for animorphs :)
12. pie!