Friday, November 12, 2010

RAF Party: 1/2 Million Edition

So tomorrow we are expected to break the 500,000 posts mark on RAF. To celebrate, the 13th of November will be the first RAF Party held in months.

So what is RAF Party:

Both Richard and I (Russell) had the idea that it would be fun to let the bored board count toward your post count one day of out the month. This would be a monthly day for everyone to come and post on RAF, go in RAF chat, break RAF records, and become a forum personality. New comers to the forum are encouraged to make themselves known and old personalities are welcome to post in the Animorphs section for a change.

Perks for posting on RAF Party days:

1. Bored Board counts towards post count.
2. +2 Karma for creating a new thread.

The party will begin on 12:01 am Saturday and end on 12:00 am Sunday November 13-14 EST


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