Friday, November 5, 2010

RAF Awards 2010!

Hey Rafians! It's that time of year again where the RAF awards are out! Here is the official list:

Member of the Year
Staff Member of the Year
Avatar of the Year
Signature of the Year
Favourite Thread
Ani-Master of the Year
Thread of the Year
Best Newcomer to RAF
Best Comeback
Most Missed RAFian
Best RAFcouple
Coolest Member of the Year
Funniest Member of the Year
Most Insane Member
Most Contributing RAFian
Best theme (bandwagon, name trend, etc.)
Best RAFproject
Best/Funniest RAFian Photo
RAFian Artist of the Year
Best Role Play Writer/Character
RAFian Writer of the Year
Fan Fiction of the Year
Mystery Member of the Year (which member do you wish we knew more about here on RAF? Who do we hardly see post?)


1. Please do not nominate yourself for any awards. If you deserve an award, somebody else will nominate you.

2. You are allowed to make more than one nomination per category, but try not to make it more than 3.

3. This is the 2010 RAF Awards. Please don't nominate anyone/anything that applies to the previous year (eg. You can only nominate someone for Best Newcomer if they joined RAF after October 1, 2009. )

Please PM a staff member with your nominations, and get nominating!

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