Monday, November 1, 2010

Appeal to Smiters!

This is a simple plea to everyone who uses our Karma system (applauding and smiting users):

I'm appealing to anyone who disagrees with a post of another to consider whether the post is worthy of being reported to the staff. I say this because I have seen instances where persons are smiting others because they are being rude/offensive or insensitive.

Consider this, if you simply smite the user, he/she will continue to offend or degrade. If the post is reported to a moderator/staff (by simply clicking the Report to Moderator link on each post), the matter can be dealt with more comprehensively. In other words an official complaint is lodged.

In addition, beginning today the administrators will be reviewing each and every smite issued; and the reason why the person was smited. This is being done to ensure persons are not being unfairly reprimanded by other members and to determine whether action should be taken against the person smited.

Thanks guys! Any problem or issue, please feel free to contact the staff.


rubysoho said...

Are people seriously throwing a fit over KARMA? Really? Wow.

I know I could smite more to those who deserve it. But honestly, there's a couple people that are so well liked by staff and others that I know reporting and smiting will do absolutely no good. Pointless.

Maybe if we all stepped up and smited every time someone deserves it, specific people wouldn't be singled out.

Smiting someone isn't BAD.
And some of this smiting has been ENCOURAGED by some staff members.

Some people just need to get over it. It's a freaking button!

Visser said...

"whether action should be taken against the person smited."