Sunday, July 11, 2010

Share your Animorphs love!

Yesterday, I received an email from the authors of Animorphs, Remnants, and Everworld (just to name a few) updating me, and subsequently the entire forum on the Animorphs re-release and future in the eyes of the publisher: Scholastic. They also want our help!

Here is part of the email:

Katherine and I have some information we'd like to share, and a favor we'd like to ask.

Not sure if you've heard this yet but ANIMORPHS will be re-issued in spring/summer 2011. That is definite and official.

An editor at Scholastic is combing the first two books for outdated references, sending suggested fixes, and asking us to approve. Which we've now done.

Scholastic will re-cover the books using something called a lenticular cover. So far as we know it's just the first 2 books, then I guess they'll wait and see how sales go before issuing more.

Scholastic has asked us to prepare a small video to show at the sales meeting in early August. We realized that the sales people probably don't really know what ANIMORPHS has meant to so many people. So we wondered whether RAF participants might be interested in sending us some brief video clips just saying what ANIMORPHS has meant to them. ...


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