Monday, July 19, 2010

Best Day EVER on RAF eBooks

Yesterday I tweeted that our Animorphs (Everworld, and Remnants) eBooks section of Richard's Animorphs Forum, aptly titled RAF eBooks was witnessing a surge of users coming from the popular website (link to the reddit link). That surge resulted in 75 users being recorded as online on our Forum. This number is a new record; two weeks to the day that 74 members broke the previous record of most users online.

That is only one part of the story. What members were actually flocking were our eBooks pages. Here are the numbers for RAF eBooks yesterday provided by StatCounter:

1. Pageloads: 11,188
2. Unique Visitors: 4,101
3. First Time Visitors: 3,590
4. Returning Visitors: 511

See those statistics in bold? Those are all-time records.

To put things into perspective:

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