Friday, May 8, 2009

It's almost summer!

If you have already started your summer break, then you're awfully lucky. The rest of us, however, fortunately don't have too long to wait. My summer starts for real in about a week and a half.

Comment and tell us: when do your summers start? What are you planning to do during this time? Sorry, Aussies, I know it's going to winter for you. :P

I'm planning to get my garden started, catch up on some karate practises, read as much as possible, clean up fan-fictions and poetry, RAF it up, spend time with IRL dearlings, and play music. :)


Izzy said...

Hello !
Here in Brazil the summer start in December more or less.. but it's funny because here is hot during the winter too.. (sorry if my english is horrible)..
I'd like read Animorphs during this summer,play the piano,go to the beach,travel,watch movies,etc...

this site is amazing !!!

At the best Geology University of Brazil,you have a fan.Congratulations for the site !


Izzy said...

In my country,Brazil,the summer starts in December(more or less).. but it's funny because,here is winter but it's hot too.. =/
I'd like to visit some caves during the summer,read Animorphs(of course),play the piano and go to the beach. Sorry if my english is horrible..

At the best Geology University of Brazil you have a fan: me ! =D haha
Congratulations for the website !