Sunday, May 10, 2009

HUGE Siggys

Ok, ok, I know, we like to show of our gifs and other images we've created/had made for us.

But when is it enough?

With 3 or 4 images in one signature and after adding some text it creates a huge block of space on the screen.

Creating a rule saying that siggys can only be this big is kinda hard. There is a 3 image/text limit but theres no actual size limit.

So people!

Please judge for yourselves, don't make your siggys so big.



WildWeathel said...

I'm glad to have someone else broach the subject. Last time I brought it up, Richard decided to impose the character limit, and that's where we are now.

Personally, I think the character limit doesn't help, and don't really like the image-count limit. The problem isn't lots of text or lots of images. The problem is *tall* signatures, and even one image can make a sig too tall.

In text-only media, the standard is no more than six lines. I'd recommend the standard "no taller than six lines of standard forum text, when displayed on a decently wide screen," as a starting point for defining a signature policy.

Now, consider a signature that looks like this.

++++++++ Couple of Lines
++++++++ of Text Here

Creating one of these would require table tags, which are currently disabled, and which require *lots* of characters that count against the limit.

A couple of userboxes will quickly exceed the 3-image limit many times over, even if the resulting signature is thin.

Or to sum things up, let's allow content-dense signatures as long as they're compact, and discourage content-light signatures that happen to be extensive. RAFians should have a reasonable amount of screen space and the tools to fill it as sparsely or densely as they can.

Estelore said...

*raises hand with suggestion*
If RAFians have several siggy images that they can't bear to give up, why not make rotating signatures like Taiyoh?

Mind you, I still haven't figured it out myself, but I intend to do exactly that once I know how to make it work.

goom said...

thank you, esplin.
use common sense. if your sig takes up way too much space, shrink it.