Friday, December 12, 2008

RAFparty December

Perks for posting on RAF Party days:
1. Bored Board counts towards post count.
2. +2 Karma for creating a new thread.

The party will begin on 12:01 am Saturday and end on 12:00 am Sunday
December 13-14 EST

Last time was a blast. Come out and post if you can.


PS. Who knows what might be revealed at the end?


goom said...

i've noticed that we haven't been getting +2 karma for new threads. is this something new?

Richard said...

I'm surprised no one noticed this earlier. Thanks Goom.

goom said...

um, sorry to mention this again, but the +2 karma is STILL up (i think) after the party ended at 12:00.

Richard said...

It's off now. Thanks again Goom.

Anonymous said...

haha no problem. ;)