Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What to expect... or at least what to hope...from your new blogger.

Hello, RAF! It's me, Estelore. I'm sure most of you know me pretty well, and if you don't, then talk to me. I may be one of the older members here (time spent in the forum and actual age), but I love to meet new people.

As most of you may know, winter places major limits on my free time, but I devote what time I can to RAF, RAFipedia, RAFchat, and now the RAF Blog.
My intent is to make at least one regular post in the blog for every week that I have access to my laptop. This may change with time, but my hope is to start a series of RAF-related editorials, articles, and opinion pieces.

I've worked several years on the staff of a small local newspaper, where I live, and I love to talk about virtually anything (as you may have noticed from my forum posts), so this could, potentially be very interesting.
If you have any suggestions at all about an article that you would like included in the blog, feel free to PM me or e-mail me at any time. My e-mail is , and I reserve that address almost exclusively for RAF-related messages. I check it daily.

You can look forward to subjects like these in upcoming weeks:
Richard - Do we know ANYTHING about this guy?
Avatars - What does your user image say about your personality and about RAF?
RAF - Why we really ARE the best forum on the Internet.
RAFcouples - A Rising Trend.

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