Monday, December 8, 2008

RAF Awards


HERE ARE THE CATEGORIES. Please send me nominations (by PM) by December 20th so that we can do this before the end of the year. Ill create polling threads for these categories and on the day of the new year the results will be revealed.

Member of the Year
most dedicated RAF member for 2008

Mr. Mrs. RAF
basically the best RAF couple or best people to make a RAF couple, think prom queen and king.

Profile of the Year
who's signature and avatar do you like the most this year?

Funniest Member of the Year
who is in your opinion is the funniest member this year on RAF?

Coolest Member of the Year
who is it you liked throughout the year?

Staff Member of the Year
who has been the most helpful, active, and coolest staff

"Ani-master" of the Year
the person with the most information on Animorphs

Least Talkative Member of the year
what's up with the one word posts?

"Mystery" Member of the Year
does anyone even know this person?

Fan Fiction writer of the Year
who has the best writing skills?

Star-Struck Member of the Year
member most likely to know and share everything there is to know about their favorite celebrity

Freethinker Award
member who has an opinion and isn't afraid to express it

Music Man (or Woman)
most likely to start or join a band


Bes' Thread of the Year
which is the best thread of the year

Most Useless Thread of the Year
which one of these are the most useless threads created on RAF

Most Interesting Thread of the Year
pick the most interesting thread in your opinion.

Most Fun Thread of the Year
which one of these, you can't stop posting in?

Fan Fiction of the Year
which fan fiction did you like the most this year?

Most useless Announcement of the Year
what, was Richard bored?


Best Board
the board I love so much is...

Worst Board

what was Richard thinking when he created this board


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