Tuesday, May 24, 2011

RAF's 8th Birthday & 600,000 posts!

Yesterday May 23, 2011 marked Richard's Animorphs Forum 8th official year since I opened the gates in 2003. Amazing huh? That means that as of today, we're in our 9th year; yes NINTH year!

Last year we had a party to celebrate, but to be honest, I kinda forgot (a bit under the weather lately), and nothing was finalized for our 8th year celebrations. But hey, we'll definitely have a RAF Party soon to catch up for missed time.
On another note... we passed 600,000 posts today May 24, 2011. Another amazing statistic for another amazing animorphs community that moved just 3 years ago to SMF.

Thank you to all our RAFians for making RAF the crazy, cool place it is; oh and The Ultimate Animorphs Forum.

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